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Clinical Supervisor

Qualified to work online or face-to face - Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Clinical Supervision, including online working. 

The quality of the supervisory relationship is vital and my aim is to make that a welcoming but useful relationship, where you are the expert on your clients and where we work collaboratively in the service of your clients. My aim is to offer a supervision space where we will learn from each another and where questions, doubts and worries can be discussed openly, but where we can also recognise and celebrate what has worked well in your practice.

Why choose me? Well, I hope for lots of reasons, hopefully you feel I am someone you can work with, but importantly too if you are working online, you will need a supervisor who is trained, experienced and able to deliver competent supervision in the same way. Most professional bodies require that counsellors working online to have supervision in the same mode as they practice. My supervisory training specifically incorporates working online, which is rare as many other supervisor qualifications do not.  This is important because while many supervisors now offer online supervision, (which is great as this is definitely an important consideration now)  working online/remotely has specific considerations and challenges as well as benefits. It is important that supervisors are specifically trained in the online environment and able to recognise and help you manage the specific risks, challenges and benefits of counselling online or via phone.

I practice integratively, with a background in psychodynamic, person-centred/humanistic and CBT. I have experience particularly in working with children and young people, adults, disabilities, special needs/learning difficulties and LGBT+ and long-term illness.

My aim is always to create a safe, warm and trust-filled space where recognising that you are the expert on your client(s) and where we can together take a step back and look at the strengths, achievements in your work and also explore collaboratively any difficulties or dilemmas.


Contact me for a free chat; Online/phone/e-mail 
we can find out whether I might be the right supervisor for you. 

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