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How does it all work and what can I expect? 

Initially when you make contact, I will ask you a few questions about what you are looking for and need. I might ask you to complete some forms where you can tell me a little more and I will send you more information about my services and what I offer. If you are happy with that we will make a first appointment where you can talk to me in person, (or via phone, video if preferred.) Once you feel happy we will start regular sessions, usually weekly. 


I offer both short-term/fixed number of sessions and longer-term/open-ended therapy. You might already have an idea of how many sessions you want, that's fine, sometimes knowing how many sessions we have provides opportunities to focus on specific problems or areas. Or, you might not have a fixed idea about how many sessions you need, that's fine too, we can discuss this when we meet and we would always be continually reviewing therapy as we go along. 

When it's time to end therapy, either because we agreed a set number of sessions, or because you feel ready and/or having had regular reviews, the time is right, we will plan for an ending and will work towards that point together.  It's important that endings are managed so that we finish the therapy in a positive way that helps maintain your confidence. 

If at any time you have any concerns or questions, you may contact me, or bring it to our next session. I am always open to discussion about any concerns you may have.  

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